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Let's get Mike to consciously uncouple his Twitter account from his Facebook feed!

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Every game day, those connected to Mike have seen their Facebook feeds bombarded, via his Twitter account, with his crazy ramblings, and erratic rantings about the Ottawa Senators, as though @realDonaldTrump had suddenly become the world's biggest Sens fan.

"This game is dumb #sens" followed by "Beauty!!" followed by poop emojis. These incoherent musings take multiple swipes to scroll through, when all we want is to see what kind of crazy shit our friends' Elf on the Shelf has gotten into that day.

Together we can make a change! Join me in calling on Mike to uncouple his Twitter account from his Facebook feed so that we may all go back to looking at dank memes and getting trolled by Russian propaganda in peace.

Once this petition reaches 10 signatures I will personally present it to Mike in hopes that he will respect the wisdom and will of the internet. 


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