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cervical cancer happens in young girls as well! Lower the cervical screening age to 18

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So many girl below the age of 25 are suffering with cervical cancer or showing persistent symptoms of it and are not being offered a simple smear test. As a 19 year old girl I have been showing every symptoms there is and i have been in out of hospitals and doctors with these symptoms for 3 years yet I still haven't been offered a smear test because "girls at your age don't usually get cervical cancer". Well as we know plenty of young girls under the age of 25 have received the dreadful news of having cervical cancer and some have sadly passed away due to them being turned down on a smear test. I finally made the decision to listen to my body and go private for a test as I knew I carried all the symptoms. As the doctors said it's a good job I went for this as my results came back abnormal and if I would have left it like my GP expected me to It would have progressed into cancer in a few years. Young girls should be offered the choice of a smear test if they show symptoms of cervical cancer. As we know cervical cancer can start to grow as soon as women start sexual activity and as proven girls under 25 can most definitely get it therefore it needs to be lowered ! 

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