Democratic Party Should Not Accept Contributions from Special Interests or Corporations

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Democrats, Let’s Clean Up the Swamp

 Whereas Donald Trump was elected in part because he blurred the line between Democrats and Republicans by alleging that both were part of the Swamp;

 Whereas Democrats are part of the Swamp to the extent that they take money from corporate interests, PACs and super PACs;

 Whereas Bernie Sanders was above this criticism precisely because he relied on contributions from individuals,

 We hereby propose that the Democratic Party refuse to take ANY money from PACs and super PACs;

 And that the Democratic Party only accept small donations from individuals, with a $2,700 annual cap.

 By doing so the Democratic Party will draw a sharp distinction between itself and Republicans;

 Like Sanders, it will be more than adequately funded by the People;

 It will attract many Republican and independent voters who are equally tired of lobbying money corrupting politics;

 It will force the Republican leadership to renounce taking this filthy money or own up to the fact that they are beholden to filthy money.

 Please sign if you want to see legislative and policy decisions decided by ideas rather than money.