Mobiles shouldn't be allowed at recess and lunch. Keep them in bags during school hours.

Mobiles shouldn't be allowed at recess and lunch. Keep them in bags during school hours.

7 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rachel Chappell

Mobile phone usage for kids is an ongoing issue that parents struggle with everyday.

But if there's one place that smartphones shouldn't be allowed, it's at school.

Sure, allow children to take their phones to school in case parents needs to get in touch for transport arrangements or special needs... but ensure they are kept in their school bags or lockers. Don't let them use them at recess and lunch, when kids should be socialising, playing and active. 

High schools across NSW have an inconsistent approach to mobile phone usage at school by students. Some allow it, some don't.

According to the NSW Department of Education: "Secondary schools retain discretion to opt into the restriction or implement an approach that best suits their circumstances and the needs of their diverse communities."

We're proposing that there should be a policy from the NSW Department of Education that restricts the use of smartphones at school during recess and lunch times, and this is enforced across all secondary schools.

This issue was recently highlighted in the North Shore Mums Facebook group, when one mum posted:

"My 12.5 year old son is struggling to enjoy high school. He was always happy in primary school and is very active and sporty. But he says he hates high school as lunchtimes are so boring because everyone just is on their phones all the time. He wants to run around and play tip or soccer. I have told him there’s bound to be like-minded kids and he just hasn’t met them yet. Has anyone’s kids had the same struggles starting high school? And is that the case with all high schools? They just sit on their phones all lunchtime? Any advice for my little guy? I don’t want him to hate school!"

So if you'd prefer your child to be socialising and playing at recess and lunch, not scrolling, gaming or going on social media, be sure to sign our petition to reduce the use during break times.

Support now
Signatures: 25,386Next goal: 35,000
Support now

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