Let's end the transport syndicate

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The transport syndicate has been a curse to Nepal. They have been doing no good not just to commuters, even people in this business have been facing several difficulties for years.

Open competition applies everywhere, be it engineering, medicine, banking or elsewhere. It is so apparent why syndicate has been a blight and for the same very reason, Supreme Court of Nepal ordered to end the syndicate long ago. Moreover, shutting down of the syndicate at no cost means to overtake their right to work. Instead, it makes it easier for everyone willing to work in public transportation making it more inclusive. 

It raged us so much when they decided to go on the strike. It is unfair for the public to suffer and be a pawn in these disputes. If the research is to be done on how badly the transportation has been affecting the capacity of people to work and what amount of their time has been used up ineffectively, it would be so evident why it should come to an end very soon. 

We stood well against the blockade and now I request everyone to stand against the syndicate and their strike to end it for now and forever. Please sign the petition to enjoin the government to not compromise the well being of the people for acquisitiveness of the handful of people. Meanwhile government should initiate state owned public transportation for its effective service which people can rely upon. One step towards Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali.   

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