21st Century Global Revolution

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Dear World,

It has become clear that the resident democratically or undemocratically appointed leaders of our global society are locked into traditions that are both dogmatic and increasingly regressive.

It has also become clear that oppression, ecological decline and wealth inequality, due to the very structure of our social system, is only getting worse and will continue to do so with great negative public health ramifications.

Overall, and as empirically proven, long term social progress is reversing in the 21st-century with both ecological and social threats that are unprecedented in human history.

Worse, what used to work in the past is no longer working in terms of activism. Analysis shows that incremental change as we know it is no longer tenable. We are in a different era and one that is becoming increasingly more strangled politically, regardless of how many people pile into free speech zones, boycott, yell at buildings, rant on YouTube, Tweet and so on. Free-speech will also continue to be stifled as a general trend.

Even the news media itself, an historically powerful force of change - has become impotent on the whole, as apathy and fear reigns. It’s just a TV show loop at this point for most.

It’s time for a new tactic.

This petition is simple. If you disapprove of the way the world operates on the whole, join us in an initiative of developing the framework of a completely new society. A new socioeconomic and political system is what we need...and we are running out of time.  This is the beginning of a new conversation that all of humanity should be discussing. 

The American Revolution marked a moment in time when a group of people could physically disassociate from the dominant culture around them, giving them room to try again. This is the manner of thinking that is required today, as far-fetched as it may seem. I’m sorry to say we are far too deep in the quicksand to assume the election of some new politician is going to begin changing things. A new level of radical is required.

It appears the future of our species is contingent upon a group of humans starting a new society, physically, leaving behind the cloud of paralyzed nonsense and spectacle we endure today, socioeconomically and politically. 

The specifics of this new society are not important. All you have to believe is that we can improve our current one greatly, far beyond the rhetoric of any subclass of typical activists. Revolution.

The gesture of this petition is to show the world exactly how much disapproval there is, in the hope to inspire broad structural social change and get this global conversation started.

This is also to say to the global political establishments: “We don’t agree with or accept anything you are offering. We are out of here.”


Welcome to the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” petition, which serves as both as an expression and call for unity in the creation of a revised social system to stop the madness. 

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