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Disban & Permenatly Put An End To ICBC

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It is finally time to put an end once and for all to,ICBC (The Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia ) ICBC year after year has been grossly mishanldeing its money and has been going further and further in debt.

ICBC has never looked at how to cut waste ands costs or correct is mismanagement of it's resources.

ICBC's answer to their financial mismanagement has always been hit the consumer with rate hike after rate hike.

ICBC also has zero compassion for accident victims 

I personally was  hit by an  impaired driver who was driving while on a suspended license and the offender merely  left me  laying in the street.

ICBC instead  of being caring and helpful treated me like the criminal. 

it is now time to hand over auto insurance to private firms as is done in  Alberta & Ontario.

 Premiums are substantially  lower and the quality of customer service is way above that of ICBC. And British Columbians will be able shop around and make informed descions on who we choose to provide us with Auto Insurance allowing us to choose better rates better customer service. And instead have having zero,potions or say as to what we pay or whom we pay it to we will actually be the decision makers as to what firm will provide us with our insurance needs 

Let's put and end to ICBC's constant financial mismanagement and stop paying for thief mistakes

And to once and for all put an end to ICBC.  

I am hoping for 100,000 signatures and then provide Premier John Horgan And his government with this petition to privatize Auto insurance in BC and end years of ICBC's mismanagement and it's  bullying and intimidation of innocent accident victims 

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