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Let's Create a Puppy Mill Bill for Ohio

There are over 100,000 dogs, puppies and pregnant female dogs living in cramped metal cages right now in central and parts of southern and western Ohio. These dogs do not know what the inside of a house feels like. They've never been out of their cages.

Awhile back we saved a Basset Hound former puppy mill stud (he was used for breeding for days on end). He was terrified of everything and took over 6 months to rehabilitate. He still will not play with a toy and does not like to be approached too fast. He still quivers when he's afraid of loud noises.

Don't let this happen to another dog.

Puppy mill dogs are often sold at dog auctions, which IS on the November ballot this year for eradication. These dog autions severly perpetuate the puppy mill problem by putting loads of money into the hands of the cruel Amish people who statistically raise OVER 80 percent of the puppy mill farms in Ohio.

This must be stopped.

Please sign the petition to tell our legislators that this is important to us so that we can get an issue on the ballot in November of 2012. If Missouri can get Prop B passed, we can do it in Ohio, too. It just takes our voices and our signatures.

**PLEASE NOTE: This is a separate petition from that of Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, the group at the forefront of the fight against Ohio's puppy mills and dog auctions. If you sign this petition, you will also need to sign a hard copy of the BODA petition for your signature to count.**

It may seem like we have a lot of time, but we don't. Dogs are dying every day and our legislators need to know that its unacceptable to us as constituents. We're going to need at least 750,000 signatures.

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