Support for the possibility of an SRO program for New Paltz schools

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We support or are considering supporting an SRO program, school resource officer program, for the New Paltz district.  We are advocating for the school district’s students and parents, teachers, administrators, Superintendent, and BOE to jointly address the fact that many in the community want or are willing to consider an SRO program for New Paltz.  Not security guards, but a school resource officer.  There is big difference.   The roles, duties, parameters, and costs will need to be discussed and clarified, but most importantly, we want to make it known that we support a more thorough review of this matter by the stakeholders in the community.    We would like some volunteers to possibly be part of panel to come up with solutions that would work for our community. We are asking the Board of Education to work with us as well on this.  We are also asking the racial equity committee to work with us to provide their insight on any program that may be started.