Let's CELEBRATE Jaidyn Teske with Her Graduating Class of 2022

Let's CELEBRATE Jaidyn Teske with Her Graduating Class of 2022

May 10, 2022
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Started by Jordan Pascual

Edit 1: No donations necessary! No $$ Needed! This doesn't go to Jaidyn, or any family. Your signature is what counts, not money! Use it to buy a homeless man food, or donate to charity!

Edit 2: SHHS administration has sent out a letter, re-stating their policy. Unfortunately, Jaidyn will not be able to 'walk', however, we plan on celebrating Jaidyn that day as a family. I want to add this: This petition is of my doing, not my parents, or anyone else's. They are involved in the community, and didn't ever intend to be 'against' the school system. In fact, neither am I. This petition was to collect signatures to present to the board. The administrator has sent a statement, and we HAVE TO respect that. I'm glad that this has created a conversation, but it was not my initial intention. Additionally, the LAST thing I want is any controversy, for my family AND the school system. If you have any negativity towards the school, please keep it separate from this. Sometimes, things don't go our ways, and we have to do the best with what we have! Also, PLEASE don't let this overshadow the current 2022 graduates, as I don't want that to be an issue. Everyone should have a great graduation, regardless of who is or isn't there. THANK YOU! :)

Edit 3: I will be changing this petition to say "Let's CELEBRATE Jaidyn Teske with Her Graduating Class of 2022!!" in light of the press statement by the school board. They have the final word, and have doubled down. I will try to convert/make a SEPERATE petition regarding changing the school board's policy for the future graduates. If you would like to celebrate Jaidyn, please reach out to necessarynoiseband@gmail.com, as I will be facilitating responses. Again, NO DONATIONS NEEDED HERE! 


High school commencement is a large part of any high schooler's life. It signifies the end of an era, and importantly, the beginning of the rest of their life. This is usually celebrated in the form of a commencement ceremony, where graduates don the 'cap and gown', walk to receive a diploma, and celebrate their achievements with their peers, family, and the whole community.

My little sister, Jaidyn Teske, is not being allowed to celebrate commencement as a South Hardin High School Senior. This is due to a technicality of transference of credits, where administration won't 'honor' Jaidyn's freshman year 'homeschool' credits. This singles out Jaidyn in an unprecedented manner, who is widely acknowledged to be a South Hardin High School student by her peers, faculty, and widely in the community and beyond because of her athletics and academics.

If you were to Google the cluster phrases "Jaidyn Teske" and "South Hardin" in exact quotes, you would find 508 search results. This is due to her athletic and academic performance. News outlets over all of Iowa have recognized her as a SH student, and she is a celebrated athlete coming from there. She has been taking classes from SHHS pretty much since Freshman year on, and has been fully enrolled for a long period of time.

Honestly, I'm ashamed of my 'alma mater' for not handling this better. Jaidyn is one of the most celebrated athletes/volleyball players to enter that school, and the state of Iowa has recognized her talents on multiple occasions. Jaidyn even signed on at the beginning of her senior year to play volleyball on a scholarship going to Northwestern College. Additionally, my parents, John and Suzy Teske are paid faculty members (coaches) and have taken the volleyball team to state twice (a feat that has not been accomplished for over 20 years). They go beyond the call of duty as coaches, and are even staying on to help out the volleyball team after Jaidyn is leaving for college. My whole family, including me, are recognized as a part of South Hardin.

However, Jaidyn's situation forced her to document herself as a 'homeschooler' because SHHS administration wouldn't recognize her credits. I can personally vouch that her curriculum was the same as any SH students'. Even though her college accepted her 'homeschool' credits, she is still accredited as being a 'South Hardin' student, when it comes to achievements in athletics and academics. I personally believe this is akin to using her when convenient, yet lacking the respect to allow her to celebrate as a student as part of graduation. 

The school board code does not explicitly refer to these types of 'home school transfer' scenarios. This is a unique situation. Yet, administration has denied to have this looked at further. The board has been made aware, but has not moved to vote on the matter.

I believe my sister should be able to fulfill the end of her high school tenure by walking with her class. As a celebrated 'South Hardin' high school student, who has given a lot to her school. I believe that if this garners enough signatures, the administration and board might take a look into this further. 

Note: This petition contains portions that are strictly my opinion, and does not necessarily express my parents', my sister's, my family's, or anyone else's opinion. My parents and family have tried going about this the 'right' way, talking to administration, and don't 'want to cause a fuss', but honestly... I do. On behalf of Jaidyn, I want the school board to take a look into this matter and take a majority vote, as stated by their own policy. I just want my little sister to graduate like a normal high school girl that has put in the hard work.

Graduation is one week away, so if you'd share this, I'd super appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Let Jaidyn finish this school year out on a high note! :)


Edit: AGAIN! Don't donate here, the money doesn't go anywhere, you are much better off SIGNING and SHARING! Do something good for someone else today with that money, 'pay it forward', do kind things with it! :)

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Signatures: 3,579Next Goal: 5,000
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