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Let's care for the world, not Trump it! I do not agree.

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I wish to create a new conversation about our world. 

I do not support Trump's ideals at any level. I believe he is a provocateur of our next potential war. I don't want this war. His ideals are creating more hate.

I choose compassion, peace and cooperation - without this our "issues" will never cease! 

Trump has dropped one of the largest bombs in history - we aren't questioning this! This scares me more than anything ever has in our world today. I cannot stay silent.

Why are we not questioning this?

He has provocated North Korea (like a school bully who antagonises and then blames the victim)  and still tells us they are the problem???

I have no doubt there is much work to do with North Korea, I think it would be lovely to begin to build bridges and work cooperatively...but I'd personally like to deal with the Trump issue first! 

I feel for the Americans I know who have a heart and care too about the future of our world - in heart, in science, in the environment, in people.... 

I want us to start an international conversation about the damage this man is doing....I know I am not alone...he has to be stopped.

Very disturbed by the news I hear, the impact on Americans and the latent international impact on us all...

I've been waiting to sign a petition like's not happening so time to create my own... 

I'm an Australian - I care. 

Part of my caution in writing this is - I'm not an American. People voted for him. I was asked a really good question...what am I asking for?

I'm in weird place. I'm not American....many people voted for him...but he impacts me in my country. 

So I'm asking for -

1. For my own PM Malcolm Turnball to only act upon UN agreements in terms of war involvement

2. To seriously review & investigate the reasonings and impact and damages that the 69 bombs in Syria caused, and the 1 mother of all bombs caused in Afghanistan = it needs to be honestly reported.

3. I want collaborative agreements within UN for any future action with North Korea.

4. I agree the with the current Popes idea of independent management between North Korea and America. I don't believe Trump has the diplomacy skills to work on this in a way conducive to civil society. .

If I get the signatories beyond 10,000...I'll hand deliver this to America!  If I get numbers I'll get it tabulated in parliaments wherever I can! 

I know for millions around the globe who deal with conflicts every day war has become normal, that I have privileges other people don't. I start this petition because I can and so many can't! 

In peace, 


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