Let's build a skatepark in central Somerset County.

Let's build a skatepark in central Somerset County.

August 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Loughran


Somerset County has incredible parks with a variety of amenities and playgrounds, but most of them don’t address the ever growing popularity of  “action sports” .  It is relatively easy to find a basketball court, baseball diamond, or soccer field in Somerset County communities, but most skateboarders have to travel at least 30 minutes (usually more) to get to a skatepark.  A centrally located skatepark with access to multiple highways would attract residents from all over Somerset County. 

Temporary Skatepark at the Raritan Economic Development Street Fair

As fitness and sports change, it is important for communities to address those needs.  Skateparks encourage gathering, individual physical activity, peer-peer interactions, and participation for all ages and needs.  This benefits not just action sports enthusiasts but children, parents, spectators and the community.

The mental and physical health benefits of play and athletic activity as well as engaged social interaction are well documented.  

Over 70 young people and adults skateboarded in Raritan at a 5-hour pop up skatepark.  

Addressing an Overlooked Community

When it comes to skateboarding and other action sports, most participants have little choice but to ride on streets and sidewalks, in parking lots, and other places around town where moving vehicles and pedestrians.

Community, Independence and Diversity 

Action sports such as skateboarding, freestyle scootering, roller skating/derby, bicycle motocross (BMX), parkour and ninja style fitness activities have been on the rise for generations, but have gained exponentially in popularity in the last decade, particularly with young women and diverse and socio-economic communities.

  • Skateboarding is the third most commonly reported interest for high school students (24% of girls, and 17% of boys). (Aspen Institute National Student Survey Analysis 2021)
  • There are 8.8 million skateboarders in the US, up 34% from 2019. This does not account for the many other skatepark users: BMX riders, roller/quad skaters, inline skaters, Wheelchair Motocross riders (WCMX), scooter riders and more. (Sports & Fitness Industry Association 2021 Single Sport Report on Skateboarding)
  • Research indicates that “Skaters develop the ability to communicate and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds,” highlights Neftalie Williams of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, a scholar in race and skateboarding culture.

Inclusive Play is Not Separate Play

Team sports can be limiting for people with special needs and disabilities. Action sports have evolved to include participants of different abilities and needs.  Wheel Chair Motor Cross (WCMX) is a sport in which wheelchair athletes perform tricks adapted from skateboarding. 

Life Rolls On Foundation Hosts Adaptive Skateboarding Clinic

  • There are no additional requirements in design. 
  • Skateboarding, as well as other activities performed in a skatepark, is a great outlet for young people with special needs, anxiety, and depression. 
  • "I have been teaching young people of all abilities to skateboard for 20 years and have seen first hand the positive impact that inclusivity can have for kids with special needs." -   Jennifer Loughran Founder of BR Skateboarding and author of this petition.

Gio learns to ride for the first time at the Raritan Street Fair

Location and Accessibility 

Bridgewater is crisscrossed by several major highways including I-287, US-22, US-202, US-206 and Rt. 28.  making it accessible not only to Bridgewater residents, but also adjoining municipalities such as Raritan, Somerville, Branchburg, Hillsborough and Bedminster, while also within a ten mile radius of most of Somerset County


We need your support even if you don't skateboard

Young people and adults need an outlet.  They need to be outdoors.   They need a space to socialize, be active and independent.   Help us raise awareness by signing our petition and sharing.  We can make a real difference in so many people's lives by supporting healthy recreational activities that bring people of all different backgrounds together to have fun.  

Who are we? 

We are BR Skateboarding!  We are a Bridgewater-Raritan based organization dedicated to making skateboarding accessible to anybody who wants to learn and creating volunteer and mentorship opportunities for young people. 

Our recreation program is constantly on waitlist due to having limited space on a shared tennis court.   We hope to one day have a skatepark in our hometowns, not to make money, but to share our love of skateboarding with enthusiasts from all of Somerset County.

Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Loughran.   I am a mother and a skateboarder who is  very passionate about my town, volunteerism and cultivating stewardship through advocacy for parks, recreation, and youth programs.  I firmly believe that young people (and adults) need space to explore, learn, engage, socialize, and gather outdoors in meaningful ways that are relevant.  


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Signatures: 107Next Goal: 200
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