Bring Broadway to Frisco!

Bring Broadway to Frisco!

October 25, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Heather Eastburn


Would you like to find quality arts and cultural entertainment right here in Frisco? 

Do you want to attend the arts center in Frisco, built by taxpayers, even if you don't have kids in FISD?

Tired of leaving Frisco and driving to Dallas or Fort Worth for shows and concerts?

The latest data proves it's possible to Bring Broadway and MORE to Frisco! 

According to the updated Market Assessment and Feasibility Study for Frisco conducted by the Theatre Projects, touring Broadway and other commercial acts CAN come to Frisco, but the venue must have at least 1,750 seats. 

So what's the problem?

  • Right now, the performing arts center project in Frisco is capped at 1,500 seats, owned and operated by the Frisco ISD.
  • That's the same level as Plano, Richardson, and Allen. Friends, Frisco always does things bigger and better! 
  • FISD plans to program 180 days for student-first programs. That leaves 185 days open for more options that can be a win-win for the entire community!
  • Touring Broadway cannot come to a venue at 1,500 seats. That's why we don't see it in North Texas!
  • The Theatre Projects experts recommend Frisco should have at least 1,750 - 2,000 seats to bring touring Broadway AND generate a profit. It's good business!
  • The combined City of Frisco and FISD bonds are YOUR tax dollars used for the arts center. What's the best use of your money?
  • The #1 reason residents leave Frisco is for arts and culture options. Without a larger venue, we won't solve the arts tourism problem and people will still leave Frisco if this limited arts center is built.

Sign this petition if you want the 1,500-seat count maximum removed from the current performing arts center. Let's build the BEST for our students, families, and the future of Frisco!!

Why go bigger?

  • Frisco will stand out from the other communities with a larger seat count.
  • Students can have the opportunity to share the same stage as professionals in the industry, just like they already do with sports venues at the Star, FC Dallas and the new PGA! 
  • Paid tickets sales can contribute to the ongoing Maintenance & Operations of the arts center, keeping it sustainable. Students and local performances won't pay the bills!
  • As the population of Frisco continues to grow exponentially, so does the need for arts offerings. We must build for the future.
  • The latest technology can help create intimate spaces for smaller audiences within a larger theatre with flexible seating, acoustic walls for balconies, and more. Why cut off the room to grow? Let's think outside the box!
  • Did you know there are actually TWO theatres in the current arts center project agreement? The community theatre (250-350 seats) for local arts groups, and the student-first theatre (1,250-1,500 seats). This petition is addressing the 1,500 seat cap on the student-first theatre, owned and operated by the FISD. More seats will ensure it is not Student-ONLY performances at Hall Park across from the Star, and for just half of the year! 

An arts center project comes only once in a generation. Let's not duplicate what's already in our neighboring cities, or build just for today.

We CAN Dream Big for Frisco and make Frisco a destination for the arts!

Want to get involved in the conversation?

  • Join the “Build a Performing Arts Center in Frisco, TX” group on Facebook 
  • Visit to learn more about the decades-long history of the Performing Arts Center in Frisco
  • Subscribe to the Audience Circle channel on YouTube, dedicated to informing YOU, the arts audience in Frisco! Hear from the Theatre Projects experts about the market study, as well as Craig Hall and other guests.

Heather Eastburn

Wife, Mom, Arts Advocate, Frisco ISD Parent

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Signatures: 1,799Next Goal: 2,500
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