Anime in India

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The Indian otaku community have proved themselves that they are capable of anything by making the legendary Mokoto Shinkai's Anime movie "Tenki no ko". It's is an amazing achievement of the Indian anime community,  This is what we wanted. ANIMAX a channel we all loved saw it's end in April 18 2017. This was because of the channel's Low TRP cause of lack of advertisers wanting to advertise in the channel. On that date ANIMAX was replaced by Sony YAY! a kids channel which broadcasts Children's cartoons. This was not we wanted we just wanted to watch Anime. There were many Cartoon broadcasting channels at that time like Pogo and Cartoon network there was no need for Sony YAY! And taking down Animax 

                                          After Shinkai's Tenki no ko is set for released in India we tought it'd be the right time to start this petition. There are lots of Otakus who loves anime in India and they made it possible to make Vkaao to release the movie in our amazing country. We should be able to make the companies like Sony Pictures  and Nicklodeon to bring anime to our home. We'd be more than happy to pay for the stuff we love we just want to make India experience how joyful it is to watch anime. 

Telecasting anime at this time might be the best time for the brordcaters cause popularity of anime among Indians have increased very much. Anime like Attack on Titan and Demon slayer's popularity skyrocketed last year. That's why the corporate giants of India need to bring anime to consideration as it's interesting for the viewers and profit for the Telecasters

                                          It's such a shame that most Indians believe that Anime is only for children. But it's not, It's for everyone and we want all of us to enjoy Anime. This is the perfect time to bring back anime to India and we should do what we can to support that.

By this petition we want to bring mainstream Animes to Indian TV channels

Some of the animes that we would love to see: Fullmetal Alchemist,Attack on Titan,Kaguya Sama,Hunter X Hunter, Sword art online,Guren Laggen, Blend S, Your lie in April ect. 

We are not saying to air all of these at once but rather to try one of these out and observe the response and if the response is good air the others. These are not all the Animes that we want to watch.

We created petition to make the piracy rate of the animes go lower and to give the Otakus in India what they deserve.