City of Orange Housing Element

City of Orange Housing Element

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lucy Dominguez


The City of Orange, like many other jurisdictions, is in the process of updating its Housing Element. Orange has received comments from the state on its initial draft Housing Element and is working to revise the element. On February 8th, members of the community will have an opportunity to comment on the draft element.

Your action is needed to ensure that the City of Orange includes in their 6th Cycle Housing Element policies and programs that will effectively produce affordable housing at the extremely low, very low, and low-income levels.  Including prioritizing affordable housing funding and programs to increase affordable housing options, identifying city owned land for 100% affordable housing, and adopting an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance within the next year to ensure that identified sites are truly feasible and effectively provide affordable housing in a balanced manner.  

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What is a Housing Element?

The state requires cities and counties to prepare a Housing Element or "housing plan" every 8 years as a part of a larger General Plan. The Housing Element contains population & housing information, housing constraints, current housing policies and programs, a list of possible housing sites, new policies, programs and measurable objectives to meet housing needs at all income levels.

What is the need for housing in Orange County?

Renters in Orange County need to earn $39.48 per hour — 2.8 times the state minimum wage — to afford the average monthly asking rent of $2,053. 82% of extremely low-income households are paying more than half of their income on housing costs compared to just 1% of moderate-income households. 118,405 low-income renter households in Orange County do not have access to an affordable home.

Has Orange County provided affordable housing in recent years?

Only 6 out of the 34 Orange County jurisdictions have met their Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), a  number quantifying the need for housing, allocation for lower-income levels. The Orange County cities making progress on meeting the lower income RHNA have a specific policy to address production for lower income homes. 

Your comment is very important!

Community members like yourself are essential to the Housing Element process. Together we can advocate for stronger policies to ensure that all residents can afford housing in the city.

78 have signed. Let’s get to 100!