Let Primary age children play outside with a friend for the remaining part of Lockdown

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Our 5 year old girl, usually such a happy soul, is suffering immeasurably due to the restrictions imposed on her age group.

She’s had everything taken away from her. School, teachers, friends, playtime, Grandparents, cousins, Uncles and Aunts, weekly activities such as ballet and swimming lessons. She cries uncontrollably every night. She has done for nearly a month. She won’t sleep and as a result she suffers from
behavioural issues during the day. The effect it is having on our family is huge. We know of many families experiencing the same issues. There must be millions of families across the country suffering.

Please consider the mental wellbeing of this age group. No one has ever had to go through isolation on this scale and young school-age children are bearing the brunt.

Adults are able to meet with one other person. Pre-schoolers are able to play at nursery and meet outdoors. Cleaners are allowed to come into houses, builders are able to work, nannies are allowed to work. All to keep the economy going. But what about the mental health of our children? Our little girl isn’t able to play with a friend. She is lonely, isolated and really struggling, something needs to be done to help this age group before it has a lasting effect on them.

Please consider letting school age children play outdoors with a friend (1:1) + parents/guardian. Let them go for a bike ride. Let them run around a park. Let them play imaginary games under some trees.

It will give them the mental boost that they need so much and will, in years to come, help to alleviate the mental health crisis in our young which is evidently on the horizon.

Furthermore, it will help to release ever mounting mental strain and stress facing parents who are trying to cope with childcare, schooling, and work - a combination that is pushing many families to breaking point.