Let Primary age children play outside with a friend for the remaining part of Lockdown

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33,000 signatures and no response from the Government

Thank you to every single person that has signed this petition. Nearly 33,000 signatures and counting.

Over the last 2 weeks, Jeremy Hunt (our local MP) has received 3 emails, 2 voicemails, c.6 Instagram messages, with no response.  Nothing.  He has enough time to update his constituents on his running accident via Instagram but not enough time to listen to struggling parents who are having to cope with isolated young children in half term.  

Naively, I didn't realise that you could host petitions on the Government website.  If I had done, the Government would have had to have responded when the petition got to 10,000.  We now have over 3 x that figure.

I have had countless contacts telling me to break the rules for my daughter's sake.  This isn't the point.  Parents shouldn't have to do that.  It is time the Government listens.  

Hundreds of children are mixing at school, thousands at nursery, yet the rest aren't allowed to even meet up outside 1:1. Children are allowed to play together in Scotland, so why not over the border? Cafe's are allowed to do takeaways, adults are allowed to meet 1:1 with children under 5... the list goes on.  Why has the Government forgotten about the mental health of our young, those least able to process and find ways to cope with the situation we find ourselves in?

The Government needs to let our children go for a bike ride together. Let them run around a park. Let them play imaginary games under the trees. Let them do what children in Scotland are doing. It will give them the mental boost that they need so much and will, in years to come, help to alleviate the mental health crisis in our young which is evidently on the horizon.

Tomorrow I will hand deliver a letter to Jeremy Hunt's office as I've exhausted all other means of communication.  Meanwhile, if you could please keep sharing the petition, perhaps we'll get to 100,000 and finally be heard.  

Thanks again and best wishes

2 months ago