Let Primary age children play outside with a friend for the remaining part of Lockdown

I am really concerned about children's mental health after covid as an art therapist I believe there will be a large increase in anxiety and depression and bewilderment amongs the emerging young people. This reasonable pitch is the very least that should happen and there should be many other facilitating and preventative measures being discussed and in place. only yesterday my daughter told me of the yearning her twins aged nearly 7 have for their friends and that they at least have each other where as most of their friends do not have a peer to relate to. they do now occassionally go on zoom to their friends but it is not easy or popular and feels stilted and not really playful which is what they miss. Please government, charities and all concerned with children's mental health think and devise helpful and meaningfurl ways of preventing a huge tsunami of anxiety and fear amongst the young - they are our future, infact the future!

Marion Busch, Saffron Walden, ENG, United Kingdom
3 months ago
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