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Let people with Pre Existing Conditions get the healthcare they are wrongly denied

This would be a petition for everyone with a pre exsisting condition that has been denied healthcare in writing or verbally over the phone. Every human being SHOULD be entitled to health care.

It's kind of inhumane if you think about it. You might have people who are as sick as can be and can't even pay for their treatment. I have been denied healthcare over the phone due to my pre exsisting condition of Lupus,Kindey Disease,Deppression,Anxiety,PTSD etc. It's time to put a STOP to this horrible way of dealing with things. the word DENIED need's to be abolished in the healthcare insureance fields.

Letter to
The President of the United States
Dear Mr. President,U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives,
My Name is Theresa DeVries and i'm 27 years old. In May of 2006 i started aquiring symptoms that i didn't understand or know much about. I lost lot's of weight,my hair was thinning,i was physically sick on a weekly basis,my body was attacking itself. I found out after several months of tests that i had Lupus or SLE. I underwent a Kindey Biopsy in November of 2006 and found out that i had the start of Stage 3 kidney disease as a result of the Lupus. I was fortunant enough to get on a program in the state of Colorado called CICP Colorado Indigant Care Program, because at the time i was homeless once again battling for my life. Because of my Lupus diagnosis it has made me ineligible for healthcare through any provider .The reason i'm writing this letter to you is to express my feelings on the whole Denial treatment people with pre existing conditions is very wrong it denies ALL americans the right to healthcare. I consider the US the most influental and prominent country with great healthcare,schools etc. but after thinking about it for a while it's not,it's lacking the healthcare so many people NEED.
Please help me see my fellow Americans get the Healthcare they need to live a normal or somewhat normal life again. It's hard not being able to work,but what's harder is trying to figure out how you're going to get to doctor's appointments, tests etc if you don't have the Coverage Needed to do so.

Sincerely Yours,
Theresa DeVries
Lupus Survivor-4 yr+

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