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NY state Senate Let others care for their loved ones without losing their jobs.

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In December 2015 I Had to choose between caring for my dying mother and my job. Currently the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) only protects workers for twelve unpaid weeks, forcing people into choosing between their jobs and being there for their loved ones in their final days. Congress over the years has failed to act to provide the peace of mind and time to care for the people most important in our lives in their greatest time in need. Illness doesn’t respect timetables and we shouldn’t be forced to choose. Until the senators and other politicians that can take as much time as they need/want takes actions we have to look to the humanity of our employers to do the right thing. I’m asking NY state senators to allow employees to take unpaid leave and allow people to take the time they need to care for their loved ones. They have the power to show compassion and go beyond what the FMLA legally allows. With their help and your support, I can be there for my mother when she needs me the most. I used to work for Home Instead, an international company that prides itself as one of the largest in-home senior care companies in the country. As an employee in their human resources department I see everyday the desire of family members to be by the side of a loved ones. This is especially true when tragedy strikes. Giving a parent, spouse, or child the peace of mind you will be there to care for them for as long as needed is one of the greatest gifts. Today I need them to give their employees the same peace of mind they provide their clients everyday.   I’ve been a successful human resource manager with Home Instead, working through my own battle with lymphoma without it interfering with my work. Unfortunately, the health issues didn’t stop with me. My father was diagnosed with dementia and my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It all came to a head one day when my mom fell had an emergency and needed to get to the hospital. My father, suffering from the dementia and unable to even get the keys in the ignition, tried to take her to the hospital. I came home to the police and fire department at my house. At that moment I knew I needed to stay with them. As a daughter it wasn’t a choice. It was the only thing to do. Watching my mother face the devastating effects of cancer with bravery at the same time dealing with my father’s dementia, has been heartbreaking. But even through this hardship, there was one comfort - knowing I would be by mother’s side through it all. I’ve tried not to think about the ticking clock of only having 12 weeks unpaid leave, focusing on her care and comfort in her final days. But I worked for a company that doesn't allow their employees to do the same thing for their own employees. As my unpaid leave days evaporated quickly, I find myself faced with a horrible choice: Stay by her side in her last days or keep my job. It doesn’t have to be a choice. The NYS senate can act where Congress hasn’t and allow their employees to care for their loved ones as long as needed. Please join me in calling for them to keep their employees protected while caring for loved ones. Sign the petition guaranteeing a job will be waiting for anyone caring for a family member in their final days - even if it is beyond 12 weeks protected by law.  Sign and share the petition today. Your signature could give others the opportunity I didn't have as sadly my mom passed on 8/15/15. Now I have moved my dad who has dementia, a form of Alzheimer's into my home to care for him.  

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