Let our voices be heard

Let our voices be heard

September 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dale Cover Jr

The voices of the students of FRCS have been restricted for years, and this needs to change NOW.

Did you know the student council president of the class of 2023 ran unopposed for the past TWO YEARS?

Since student council advocates ideas and opinions that affect the entire school, the leaders are voted for by you, the student.

In a school known for its DIVERSITY of culture and perspectives, why has there only been ONE presidential candidate for us seniors to vote for?

Does that mean they were our BEST choice? Or our ONLY choice?

When I, Dale Cover, decided to campaign for student council president, so that every senior can "Have FUN Before It's DONE," I was hit with numerous obstacles.

Minutes before I announced my campaign last Friday, I was pulled aside by a faculty member. I was told that I couldn't run, as a "rule" existed requiring presidential candidates to have served on the student council for 1 year before becoming eligible. I was told not to waste my time.

Despite the school's rule, I returned to the classroom and announced my campaign, and was met with overwhelming support.

"Having FUN Before It's DONE," focusing on creating happy and memorable times in our final year of high school. That isn't a WASTE of time. It is the BEST USE of our time.

I was hit with another obstacle when I made the simple mistake of forgetting to collect a single teacher endorsement, after collecting 63 out of 80 student signatures in my grade.

I had teacher endorsements sent in before the next school day, but was told NO EXCEPTIONS. Yet, on Monday, an exception was made to all those who submitted a video over the 30 second requirement, when they were given a chance to resubmit.

I stated my case and asked for the same courtesy, but was denied. Why am I being treated differently? If it could happen to me, it could happen to any of you.

Over the years us students have faced many problems, like racial disparities, inconsistent communication, and changes that affect us without our input.

If you're tired of your voice going unheard, and your questions unanswered, join me.

Sign this petition to make sure the representative that you endorsed can make it onto the student council, as well as to change the rule that requires candidates to have served on the student council for 1 year before becoming eligible to run for president.

And prove to ourselves and the school that change IS possible and that our voices MATTER.

Sign this online petition, and together we'll make a difference. ✊

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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