Food to be tested for glyphosate contamination

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Food to be tested for glyphosate contamination

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Tony Mitra started this petition to Darren Pasloski (Premier, YT, Canada) (Premier, YT, Canada) and

Glyphosate, as most of us already know, is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, VisionMax and various other third party brands of herbicides.

The herbicide package might contain other material that are also harmful, but our regulatory authorities approve only glyphosate for use in agriculture, and allow the corporations to package it with whatever else it likes.

The safety test data on glyphosate has never been independently verified. Furthermore, these safety test reports and data have never been made public in the US, Canada or anywhere else.

We have multiple ongoing issues with the Government of Canada, to get it to publicly release hitherto hidden safety documents based on which it is presumed to have approved the use of glyphosate in our agriculture. The Government does not quite say that the people do not have a right to see these documents, but nonetheless drags its feet indefinitely till we lose patience and go away. It has been dragging its feet for 30 years and counting.

Across the border in the US, citizens likewise do not have access to the safety test reports and data submitted by Monsanto to the EPA.

We believe it to be illegal for the Government to release a product in the market and yet keep its safety records effectively hidden. Therefore, this use of glyphosate without disclosure of its safety data is perhaps legally contestable.

Meanwhile, glyphosate is being sprayed over our food, both GMO and non-GMO. It is also sprayed over our prairies, grasslands, forests and lawns. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of species on planet earth. Wildlife biologists in Canada and USA are going hoarse trying to draw attention to the fact that many species are heading towards extinction due birth defects suspected linked to glyphosate in their environment. Nobody in the Government wants to listen.

When the Chief Medical officer of the Province of New Brunswick in Canada responded last year to these urgent calls and declared she would investigate the effect of Glyphosate on Canadian forests, she was promptly fired by the Government before she could start the investigation.

Meanwhile, World Heath Organization has classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.

Some scientists in the US have found strong correlation between increase in use of glyphosate and increase in a series of chronic auto-immune diseases.

Others in Europe have found evidence that RoundUp herbicide causes some test animals to develop tumours and die.

Yet other scientists in the US are writing papers on how glyphosate is a mimic of glycine, a key amino acid as part of the 21 that form the basic building block of all life - thus being able to cross our blood-brain barrier, and be mis-incorporated into our proteins, causing these proteins to malfunction and trigger a cascading series of ill health and disease depending on where these defective proteins end up randomly or chaotically.

Most importantly, science now knows that glyphosate is a broad spectrum antibiotic, it is patented as such, and indiscriminately kills bacteria including our essential gut bacteria that help process our food and largely help our immune system. Glyphosate is also known as an endocrine disruptor, and can seriously upset your hormone balance.

Till recently, Canada did not even have a lab that would test glyphosate in food. Thankfully a small number of labs are now offering this service. In the US, there are a number of labs now that will test food and other samples for presence of glyphosate.

The governments, both in the US and Canada, we have unofficially learned, have started testing our food on the quiet, for levels of contamination by glyphosate. But for reasons best known to them, Government officials are not talking about it, nor are the Governments disclosing the results of these tests to the public.

It is therefore the right time, we feel, to start a grassroots people’s movement, from the bottom up, to lean on our Governments, and to coax them to start testing food for glyphosate - for the people, and to make the results public. No ifs and buts.

This is not about endlessly debating if glyphosate is safe to be in our food. This is about people’s right to know how much of it is in which kinds of food and to deal with the information the way they see fit.

So far, the only block that appears to lean on our Government successfully is the corporate lobby. It is time the people entered the scene and make the playing field even.

This petition is to not only to demand that different levels of our government start engaging in testing our food for the people, but also in learning how to start grassroots movements to take back control of our food web, food safety and food security.

Scientists in payroll of corporations, nonplussed politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats should not be the only people steering our food and agriculture policy. People should be the most important stake holder and a driver of policy decisions that relate to quality, security and safety of our food, which are the first steps towards healthcare and sovereignty.

For this reason, we are starting this new petition, directed at multiple levels of our government to test food for the people on one side, and to also use it for follow up brainstormings on how to promote and sustain a people’s grassroots movement to this effect.

This is a slightly different kind of petition, where the decision makers are multiple and the span is global. A decision maker is one that is perceived to be in position to respond to the demands made in the petition, by allocating a budget and starting periodic testing of local food and making the data public.

Therefore the person(s) get a copy of the petition and details of support strength, every time the petition support number crosses a milestone such as 500 or 1000 or 2000 etc. We are hoping that some of these decision makers targeted by this petition would respond positively, and glyphosate contamination results of food at least in some locations, will start getting public, for everybody's benefit.

If you like the idea, do not only sign it and share it, but also consider sending me names, ranks and email addresses of potential decision makers in your area. If I get these three details ( name, rank, and email address) of a potential decision maker, I shall include that detail into this petition. Such a person can be a governor of an US state, or a Premier of a Canadian province, or a CEO of a local healthcare provider, or a mayor of a town etc.

And here you can find the latest comments by the supporters, addressed to the decision makers. This file will be sent along with this text and the accompanying video - to each of the decision makers. People are also encouraged to take a copy from this link, check the decision maker's emails from the above item A), and send their own emails to one or more of the decision makers.

Appreciate your participation and joining the effort.

Thank you
Tony Mitra -

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This petition had 1,504 supporters