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Let my people grow marijuana or hemp or cannabis legally!

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Nature is illegal? What the....

Mother Nature and many of her accomplices are currently incarcerated for the crime of growing mother nature's natural healing herbs. Mother Nature has been found guilty of practicing medicine without a license, and has created medicinal herbs without the approval of the FDA, Monsanto or Big Pharma. Tell the judge: Let my people grow!   The above is a satyrical metaphor for the current state of affairs. Obviously Mother Nature cannot be imprisoned or tried in a court of law literally.   Mother Nature is not a criminal. Cannabis is not a crime. Cannabis (aka hemp, marijuana, herb, weed etc) is an extremely useful plant to humans. It provides food with its seeds, medicine with its flower, clothing with its fiber and much more. It is a crime against humanity that it is not permitted for everyone to grow this amazing plant. The illegality of cannabis is only beneficial to vested interests like the pharmaceutical industry, gas & oil industry and the chemical industry. They would rather have you buy their man made synthetic drugs than be able to use mother nature's best all-natural organic non-harming healing herbal anti-depressant. Cannabis has few and minor side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs have many varied and gross side effects, some including suicide and homicide. Pot smokers aren't committing suidide and homicide as a side effect. Pot is the original anti-depressant that god made and put here for man to enjoy. The Bible says that all herbs bearing seeds that you can eat are okay. This is a 1st amendment religious defense to growing cannabis. L. Ron Hubbard in the book Dianetics says that marijuana is not only less physically harmful than alcohol, but also better in the action of keeping a neurotic producing; in other writings Hubbard states that most people on the planet are at least neurotic, thus cannabis use could help most people on the planet to be more productive and thus improve the global economy. Hubbard founded the Scientology religion, and Dianetics is part of the religious texts of Scientology, so this is another religious defense for growing, using and distributing cannabis. Bhang is a cannabis preparation widely used religiously in India and the Rastafarians also use cannabis religiously. If you look at it I think you will agree that it is a right of yours to grow cannabis if you want to since you have a right to the freedom of your religious practice, a right to your liberty and a right to pursue happiness. Growing and using cannabis falls into all of these categories. Cannabis grows for free in your yard. Pharmaceuticals are a billion dollar a year business. Cannabis is too, mainly due to it's illegality, which causes scarcity, which drives up the black market prices, creates crime and puts non-violent cannabis users in jail. Let mother nature and her accomplices out of jail. Free the seed and grow the weed. Cannabis prohibition benefits the oil and gas industry, because the cannabis (hemp) seed is a very rich source of natural vegetable oil and can be used to fuel all of our vehicles for a lot cheaper than oil from the ground. Think about it, is it cheaper to buy home grown oil grown in your state or to buy oil expensively extracted from the ground and shipped to your home town gas station from the middle east or perhaps from some part of the country? The fuel from cannabis is much cleaner and greener and environmentally friendly and cheaper to produce than fuel from ground oil, but by prohibiting the growth of hemp, the oil and gas companies have a near monopoly on the automobile fuel business in America. Allow competition in this industry by allowing everyone who desires to grow hemp to do so freely. The prohibition of hemp benefits the chemical industry that produces synthetic ropes. Cannabis is a natural source of very strong fiber that can be made into excellent rope. By prohibiting hemp, the synthetic rope makers have less competition in the rope market. Cannabis prohibition benefits the paper from timber industry. Hemp is a much better source of higher quality paper than wood pulp. Wood requires much more processing and is thus not as environmentally friendly as paper made from hemp. Thousands of products can be made from this plant and it is time to give it back to the people. Our founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both recommended growing hemp everywhere in America for the security of our nation. Let us do it! Re-Legalize the cultivation of cannabis in America! Release every prisoner in America whose only crime is related to cannabis production/distribution! Now! 

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