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at the Consulate.

Letter to
U.S. Department of State
Approve B1/B2 Visa Appeal

Today, the U.S. Embassy in Yekaterinburg, Russia rejected my fiancee's mother's visitor visa application to come to the United States. My fiancee should be able to at least have the joy of her mother's presence at her wedding but the State Department is preventing this from happening.

Her mother took time off of work, which is not customary in a small town in the Urals in order to make the long train ride to the nearest U.S. Consulate for the visa interview. She paid the application fee, which was a significant portion of her month's salary and stayed in a hostel in Yekaterinburg with strangers. Then after all that she was refused after the consular office asked but one question?

She provided amply proof of her intent to return to Russia: she proved she was married and that her husband(fiancee's father) was staying home; she proved her monthly income with a 25 year history of working for the same company; she proved the existence of other members of her immediate family, her son (fiancee's brother) who was also staying in Russia; and she showed the title/deed to the three bedroom house she owns in her home city. These all demonstrate social and financial ties to Russia which demonstrate her non-immigrant intent. The visa should have been approved.

Please support this petition because every daughter ought to have the opportunity to have their mother at their wedding.


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