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Let Maribel stay. Her family needs her!

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Maribel Trujillo Diaz, an Ohio mother, has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and may be deported at any time. We hope to pressure the Department of Homeland Security to show some human compassion and permit her to remain in the U.S. to care for her family.

Maribel has lived peacefully in the U.S. for 15 years. She has a pending asylum case before the Board of Immigration Appeals and federal work authorization. She also has the active support of her pastor and parish, Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, and state and national advocates. Since coming to the attention of ICE in 2007, she has faithfully complied with all their requirements, including regular check-ins. Two days after her latest check-in, at which she was told to come back in a month, she was intercepted by ICE on her way to work and taken to a county jail for imminent deportation to Mexico.

Maribel is the mother of four U.S. citizen children, the family breadwinner,  has never committed a crime, and is an active member of her church. If she isn’t safe, millions of people who are peacefully going about their lives, contributing to their communities and raising families are also at risk. Millions of U.S. citizens face the prospect of having their parents wrenched away like Maribel's kids. This is despite the Trump administration's stated priorities for deportation -- recent arrivals and people with criminal records. Those simply don't apply to Maribel. Yet she became a target of ICE. This does nothing to make the country safer. It only terrorizes vulnerable people and tears apart families.

Returning Maribel to Mexico also would put her life at risk. Her family has been targeted by a cartel that has made multiple threats to relatives who refuse to work for the cartel. Her father was recently kidnapped for extortion by a cartel. Moving her children to Mexico, where she would have no means of support and every day would bring danger, is not a viable choice.

Help her young children keep their mother with them safely in the U.S., the only country they've ever known. 

Maribel should be returned to her family NOW! The sanctity of the family unit is embedded in our faith and U.S. tradition. Separating young children from their mother would harm them emotionally, financially and physically. (Maribel is the only family member with the medical training to detect and treat the seizures that afflict her 3-year-old. Another of her children is being treated for early onset diabetes.)

Sign this petition to let DHS know you support Maribel being released back to her family. Also, join us on social media to amplify this message to ICE (@ICEgov) and the Department of Homeland Security (@DHSgov) using the hashtag #FreeMaribel or #MaribelLibertad.

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