Let Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous

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Let Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous

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Craigory Burch, Jr. was a 20-year-old who was working hard to care for his kids. When he won almost half a million dollars in the Georgia lottery, it was an unexpected blessing for his family and the community. Craigory selflessly gave over $4,000 to help children in need on Christmas. Tragically, Craigory Burch’s good fortune and generosity met with the worst kind of greed: three masked men broke into Craigory’s home to rob him of his winnings. Despite his pleas, the men shot and murdered him in front of his children and girlfriend. I know Craigory’s mother, and have seen what she has been through since he died. I want to help prevent another tragedy like this. When Craigory won the lottery, he didn’t have the choice to remain anonymous. So he became a target. I’m calling on the Georgia Lottery, along with the Multi-State Lottery Association, to allow winners to choose to remain anonymous to protect their privacy and safety. Of the 44 states with a lottery, only 6 allow you to remain anonymous. Most people playing have no idea that if they win, their identity will be revealed and they will be forced to do publicity, making them a target for fraud and violent crime. Winners should have a choice. Georgia is proposing a law that a winner could give up 25% of their winnings in exchange for anonymity. That is simply unfair. The fair and simple solution is to allow winners to remain anonymous. Keeping winners anonymous won’t hurt the lottery’s earnings -- people play to win, not to be seen. Keeping them anonymous can, however, save a life. Please sign and share my petition calling on the Georgia Lottery and Multi-State Lottery Association to allow winners the choice to protect their privacy and safety. 

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