Let Jeff Stay: Stop Family Separation

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Jeff can stay!

Dear all, thank you so much to everyone who signed, shared and wrote letters.  Yesterday my husband received a letter from the home office - and attached to that letter was a residence permit! We are still waiting on an explanation for why this has happened, but I've spoken to the solicitor this morning and he confirms that it is real - they changed their minds and he/we can stay! I want to thank you all again for all the support we've had over the last few weeks - it has all made a huge difference practically and emotionally. However, while we have won this fight, I would encourage you all to keep asking questions about the visa rules and the migration situation in general. Let's encourage Sajid Javid to stick to his commitment to ending the 'hostile environment' for migrants in this country. best wishes, Alison (and Jeff) 

Alison Atkinson-Phillips
4 years ago