Let Her Walk

Let Her Walk

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Kalob Herthel started this petition

 To whomever, it may concern regarding the Erin Barry walking at graduation situation. I understand your position. She is not a full-time CCHS student; however, the oxford dictionary defines a student as “a person who is studying at a school or college.” We can all agree that she fits that perfectly mentioned definition. Since her freshman year, she has taken classes at our school and represents our school at Prosser. I would agree with the administration's decision if she asked for a CCHS diploma, but all she is asking is to walk across the stage with her peers. Peers who she spent the last four years: playing sports with, learning with, traveling with, and spending time with. She simply asks to be allowed to walk across the stage and be handed the same blank piece of paper as everyone else. I believe, as well as a majority of my classmates, that Erin’s accomplishments and accolades earned while claiming CCHS as her school make her more than deserving of being honored like the rest of us at the graduation ceremony. I understand that accomplishments don't make her a CCHS student; however, she did this while attending classes at our school. Looking solely at academics, she has passed every class she has taken at Corydon. She is receiving a homeschool diploma. She is not at all asking for one from our school. She simply would like to be honored at the school she has honored for the past four years. She is just as worthy to walk across the stage like every other person who will that day.


The following is a list of some of the accomplishments and accolades that she has earned while being a student at our school: 

She has been a varsity athlete for four years, participating in both soccer and track
She is a member of the National Honors Society
She is an honor roll student
She is an academic all-state recipient
She is a Prosser ambassador
She is a Prosser Pride student
She has Competed in the SkillsUSA State Crime Scene Investigations competition as a Prosser student from Corydon Central.
She has been active in FFA for four years and an officer for 3
She placed 1st in the leadership ambassador competition at the district level
She placed 1st in the district proficiency application competition two years in a row
She placed 2nd in the state and was a national qualifier in the state proficiency competition two years in a row
She is a Hoosier degree qualifier 
She placed 1st in the Vincennes University creed speaking invitational
She placed 2nd in the district creed speaking competition
She participated in the district Entomology competition for three years, I was a state qualifier each time, and I just competed in the state competition as the only Corydon central representative
She was on the Envirothon team for two years 
She presented at the Harrison county ag day
She gave new students tours per request of the school
She recently spoke at a board meeting on behalf of the Corydon Central FFA chapter.
Not to mention the various leadership roles she took on in mentoring students who expressed interest in FFA and or competitions.

 All of the accomplishments have been done while representing CCHS. If our school wasn't whiling to represent her, how come they were okay with her doing all of these things under CCHS. Please do not take this as a personal attack on any administrator or board member; I am arguing Erin’s case. Attached is a petition that I strongly encourage everybody to sign for this young lady to walk across the stage. 


2,333 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!