Let govt name corporate defaulters, black money holders as bank NPAs rise to Rs10 Trillion

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Rs 10 Lakh Crore (10 Trillion) wiped from India banks as NPAs.An unsaid amount of money stashed in tax heavens abroad like swiss banks.

Bring much needed change in system and bring transparency by giving people right to know on matters what mean the most to all , money matters and when its 10 trillion it matters more.

On 26th june when parliamentary committee quizzes top bank public sector bank officials on Rs 10 trillion NPAs case.

Demand truth and transparency. Let the progress of the parliamentary standing committee on banking be made public. 

The tax payers money which should have been used for the development of economy,poverty alleviation and infrastructure building is stashed abroad in tax heavens.Thanks to the collusion of bank executives , corporates and politicians.

The govt. need to inform and make public the list of corporate defaulters involved in fradulent loans and who have stashed black money in foreign banks.

It should bring a short and crisp report on what is wrong in banking system and plug loophole fast.

Recovery of the money should be done from as required.

The people of nation India should know how such large sum of money Rs 10 trillion is wiped from banks and also inform on measures taken to restore the faith of people in governance in otherwise a slowing economy and lack of development.

Rs 9 trillion is the total sum of all direct taxes collected by govt. from people and corporates in 1 financial year.