Mornington Peninsula Residents Against Sticky Fingers

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"let go" is an annual festival held in Mornington at the race course.The first band has just been announced.

Stickyfingers have a history of blatant sexism, violence, racism, homophobia, and allegations of assault, which when called out on, the band have blamed on "mental health issues" an the old "boys will be boys".

After going into hiding following the backlash, in the first interview with the band in over a year on public radio in April band members made excuses, blaming mental health and substance abuse, but not addressing these issues, or apologizing. (

There have since been reports of the lead singer of the band verbally abusing a transgender woman In a bar, and having to be escorted out when he physically threatened (her.

I wouldn't think this kind of behaviour would be tolerated but apparently these morons are still a big festival drawcard.

When I voiced my concerns about this to letgo fest on facebook and Instagram they deleted my comment and blocked me. I have not heard a response from the racecourse. 

Ironically gang of youths were the headliners for let go festival last year, and are huge advocates for changing the culture of toxic masculinity Sticky fingers promote (

Paces, another artist booked for the festival, has publically expressed concerns about playing alongside sticky fingers, given his diverse fan base. (

Let go fests decision to promote and support sticky fingers is completely tone deaf, andgoes against everything we as a community are working towards.

If you support this band or festival, you support toxic masculinity. You support sexism. You support transphobia. You support violence. You support using mental health as an excuse for being a bad person. You support not reflecting on mistakes and attempting to do better. You support putting profit over ethics.

I am so disappointed in let go fest
and mornington racecourse and I believe our community deserve better. 

It's not often we get big bands or festivals on the peninsula and I believe we as a community need to support acts that reflect our values.