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Let exprisoners vote, now

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Voting is one of the hallmark participatory activities of citizens in a democracy. Incarceration in America is supposed to punish wrong doing and rehabilitate prisoners to resume life as law abiding citizens, yet, millions of exoffenders who have been released from prison are denied the right to vote, and, because an exponentially increased amount of non-Caucasians are arrested, falsely arrested, falsely prosecuted, prosecuted more severely, falsely convicted, convicted at a greater rate, falsely incarcerated, incarcerated at a larger rate, etc., it's a matter a racism denying the right to vote to them. This is morally wrong and undermines American democracy.  Congress should pass the Democracy Restoration Act, that would allow released exfelons to vote in federal elections. It would also require the states, which administer elections, to give them appropriate notice that this right has been restored. That bill should be enacted to right a great wrong and restore to millions of exprisoners the right to participate in the democratic process.  I urge Congress to pass and the President to sign the Democracy Restoration Act, now.

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