Let DoD personnel defend themselves on base.

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Let DoD personnel defend themselves on base.

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David Ritchey started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

Since the implementation of Regulation 90-114 in 1993, military personnel have been restricted in their ability to carry firearms on government property and in federal facilities. The justification of such action has historically been the belief that military bases feature robust security and trustworthy employees. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the failures of those assumptions leading to active shooter and related incidents on military bases located in the United States since 1993.

1993 - Fort Knox (3 Patriots lost)

1994 - Fairchild AFB (4 Patriots lost)

1995 - Arlington Virginia (2 Patriots wounded)

1995 - Fort Bragg (1 Patriot lost)

2009 - Fort Hood (13 Patriots lost)

2011 - Fort Hood (planned bombing thwarted)

2013 - Quantico Virginia (2 Patriots lost)

2013 - Washington Navy Yard (12 Patriots lost)

2014 - Fort Hood (3 Patriots killed)

2015 - Chattanooga Tennessee (4 Patriots lost)

2016 - Lackland AFB (2 Patriots lost)

2019 - NAS Oceana (1 Patriot lost)

2019 - Pearl Harbor (2 Patriots lost)

2019 - NAS Pensacola (3 Patriots lost)

That tally includes 52 Patriots killed or wounded by terrorists, disgruntled service members, or civilian employees on a base or post that doesn't include overseas bases or federal buildings such as court houses, jails, schools, on-base housing, post offices, airports, National Parks, BLM buildings, IRS buildings, and so on.  It would be unfair to say all of those Patriots would be with us today had personnel been allowed to carry firearms for personal defense, but at least one life could have been saved at an incredibly minimal risk level.

The Citizens of the United States have, through the Constitution and the US Code via the Oath of Office, entrusted members of the United States Armed Forces with the defense of the country and all we hold dear. The fact that those same service members can obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in each state they happen to get stationed in, but can't carry that same firearm in the most highly targeted location in that state - the military base - flies in the face of that trust and is contrary to good sense.

This petition, and your signature, is designed to drive legislation leading to the establishment of an open and concealed carry permit that is extended to Department of Defense civilian and military personnel, is NOT subject to the discretion of lower levels of command, includes reciprocity in all 50 US states and it's territories, and permits concealed carry in all federal facilities regardless of duty status.

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This petition had 26,735 supporters