Let Daughter see her Father!

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Its been over 3 months, and the Mother of my Child has Restrained me (The Father) from having any sort of mobile access to my Most Lovely 2 yr old Daughter.

Just because I took my Daughter to Wonderland over the Labour Day weekend (September 1st/2nd which the mother was clearly informed of, and also assured of the childs safety by the Police) to enjoy the Fireworks show and kept her overnight in a safe and secure nearby Hotel to enjoy the next entire day on the Kids rides, she and her Lawyer called for an Urgent Motion at the Family Court on 47 Sheppard , and Under the Guise of "Father Being a Threat to The Childs Safety" and other twisted Truths, got the Judge to issue a Court Order for Restricted Access.

For 2 months straight I was unable to even talk to my daughter over the phone. When I first got contact with her over a Video Call on November 2nd My daughter wasnt able to fully comprehend the situation and want able to say a Word for a good 4-5 minutes. Only when I showed her some of her Toys which she most dearly loved, is when she began to speak, saying with so much longing, " I want to go ABBAS (Father) house."! 

Thats it. After that I only spoke to her 2 more times over Video call and that too only for 10 minutes. The Mother/Lawyer are just prolonging this separation for absolutely no TRUE Justifiable reason. All the reasons are either outright LIES, twisted Truths, or True Statements which have no Base to the argument,  which the Court seem to take as the most truthful statements!  

Just recently I underwent A surgery on m ankle and have been in a cast for nearly 2 weeks, and will be like that for another 2 months at the least. Even in such a state the Mother/Lawyer are refusing to let my daughter visit me and spend some time with her Father, in a respectful, and Humane manner which she so dearly LOVES!