Let Congress Know We Do Not Support H.R. 5087- Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

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Dear Congress:

Frederick Douglass once made the statement that "Where there is injustice ... neither people nor property will be safe."  By this, Douglass meant that the allowance of unfair laws to pass will inevitably result in a more dangerous society.  This could not be truer than in the case of  the amendment to the constitutional right to bear arms that has been proposed.  This Bill entitled H.R. 5087 (The Assault Weapon Ban of 2018), if allowed into legislation, this will effectively remove the right of citizens to own semi-automatic weapons.  This is the scary thing that Frederick Douglass spoke of because criminals will continue to illegally own guns.  In fact according to The Institute for Legislative Action (2016) "8 out of 10 gun crimes were committed with an illegal gun."  This statistic is scary because by this Bill passing, we as citizens will lose the right to effectively protect ourselves against those people who have no regard for the law anyway and will still continue to own these guns.  We cannot, must not allow this to happen!  Otherwise, we will effectively be making prophetic the words Frederick Douglass spoke.

Numerous statistics prove that gun control laws such as this one will do little more than create more victims.  According to the Crime Research Prevention Center (2018) 19 out of 20 of the WORST mass shootings happened outside of the United States.  This demonstrates that this law is not necessary as only 1 time in American history have we been the culprit for a mass shooting that was considered bad enough to make their top 20 list and these are people who are educated, analytical, and trained at conducting research.  Also, according to a Harvard Researcher Lois Lee (2016) who conducted a research study on gun violence, there was "no evidence to support that banning assault weapons led to a decrease in firearm crimes." Simply put, to criminals, this law would not exist, meanwhile those of who are law abiding could be like sheep walking into wolves territory.  In November of 2017, President Donald Trump was quoted as saying that Chicago has the strictest gun control laws yet one of the higher homicide rates.  Chicago's governor was quoted as adding that if you really want a gun, you can just go over to Indiana and buy one and bring it back here to Chicago.  This is more proof that laws such as the one proposed do not work.  Moreover, Robert Farago made a good point when he said that "believing that a gun law would have dissuaded Stephen Paddock is dangerously naive."  This is because Paddock who conducted a mass shooting in Las Vegas had no regard for the law when committing murder, therefore, no gun control law would likely have dissuaded him either.

As a nation, we are begging you not to sign this Bill into law.  We simply cannot risk having a criminally minded individual murder innocent people who have no right to protect themselves.  To sign this into law would make it so that criminals have the upper hand, while we as law abiding citizens must fear for the safety of ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, and our community.


Winfred Wills, III




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