Let Charlie Teo operate in Australia

Let Charlie Teo operate in Australia

1 October 2022
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Started by Kim Arthur


� A Petition has been started, please sign and sport our talented, honest, respected and exceptionally skilled Neurosurgeon Professor Dr Charlie Teo.

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This IMPORTANT Petition is for Professor Dr Charlie Teo who goes above and beyond to save and extend lives of those living with Brain Cancer and Brain Tumours.

Sign away!. � Share your Opinion ❤️ Share your Story � Share with your Family or Friends � Share this petition far and wide � Dr Charlie Teo has operated on patients around Australia and the globe �

�Let’s keep supporting Dr Charlie Teo whilst he battles a CONTINUED fight to get his full licence back. Also fighting a “targeted” campaign from Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Mins.

We give Thanks to many other media outlets for providing Professor Dr Teo an opportunity to discuss those unfortunate cases edited, targeted, not investigated appropriately and amplified on Sundays 60 Mins show

�In many cases, Teo operates on people when other doctors have turned them away.

The neurosurgeon operates on gliomas, high-risk tumours in the brain stem - the area at the base of the brain that connects the brain and the spinal cord. In addition Many inoperable Tumours and those in a risky location. Professor Charlie Teo always produces peer reviewed research (good or bad) and placed in Neurosurgery publications.

Dr Charlie Teo never apologises for pushing the boundaries always knowing the patient is aware of the possible outcome/s.

Teo currently has restrictions placed around him while performing surgery in Australia, pending an investigation by the Health Care Complaints Commission over two cases which resulted in bad outcomes (From approx 11,000 surgical procedures conducted) The lead Investigator has had perfect timing to release “negative and defamatory” accusations in the media right when Dr Teo Licence review process is occurring.

Every Neurosurgeon in Australia has “bad outcomes” but they are not published. Patients know the bad outcome as Dr Teo never allows anyone to leave the room thinning otherwise. He’s a Neurosurgeon!

�‍♀️He is allowed to operate, but only under the condition he seeks another neurosurgeon’s approval. That condition doesn’t sit well with many prior and new patients.

�”Who does he have to get permission off? Dr Teo says “I have to get permission off another neurosurgeon, who is a competitor, with 20 years’ experience - which is 17 less years experience than I have - who has probably never even seen a brainstem glioma, let alone operated on one.

“I have to get permission off that person before I can offer surgery to the person in front of me, to the patient in front of me.

“It’s demeaning”

“I think it’s wrong. I think it’s ethically wrong because it’s basically saying that ... they want me to toe the party line.

“It’s very comfortable doing what everyone else does, not pushing the envelope, not challenging the status quo.

“You’ve got to get out of the comfort zone.”
Teo has done exactly that.

�Many of his patients see him as a last resort after being told by other doctors their tumours are to risky, inoperable or recurring to. If they are inoperable/recurring and even risky - Dr Teo still cannot help, which is a percentage of the Australian Population that could be saved or lives extended!

About Professor Dr Charlie Teo AM
SAC Chair
For over 30 years Dr Charlie Teo AM has been instrumental in the development, dissemination and acceptance of the concept of keyhole minimally invasive techniques in neurosurgery.

Dr Teo runs a fellowship program that attracts applicants yearly and has trained many of the world’s leading figures in neurosurgery. He has trained at distinguished centres such as the Barrow Neurological Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University and Harvard University.

He has been published in over 120 peer reviewed journals, has authored two books on keyhole approaches to brain tumours and featured as a guest editor for several journals. He is the Australian representative on the Tumour Section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and CNS.

Dr Teo strongly believes that a surgeon’s responsibility to his patients shouldn’t end after surgery. In keeping with his desire to find a cure for brain cancer, he has raised over $40 million that has been used to fund research scientists both in Australia and internationally.

Dr Teo dedicates time every year to pro bono work in developing countries, for which he has been recognised with awards from Rotary International. This includes the Paul Harris Fellowship for contribution to World Health. He has been a finalist in the NSW Australian of the Year awards in 2003 and 2009.

In 2011 his contribution to the development of minimally invasive neurosurgery was recognised in the Australia Day awards where he was named as a Member of the Order of Australia. In 2012, he was invited to give the Australia Day Address to the Nation and in 2013 was honoured to be the first non-politician Australian to address the US Congress on the need for more funding for brain cancer research.

Charlie is a father to four beautiful daughters and supports the rights of girls and young women in impoverished countries such as Cambodia and India through various charities including his own Teo Family Foundation. He is a Patron for Voiceless, an Australian based charity that is dedicated to reducing cruelty to industry animals.

�Brain Cancer Facts

�‍�Research News

Low Cost Charity @CharlieTeoFoundation

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Signatures: 2,715Next goal: 5,000
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