let ash have a cat

let ash have a cat

October 8, 2022
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Started by ash t

i have been wanting a cat since i was like 5 and we were just about to adopt one until we changed our mind about it

my mother said that we would get a cat before i'm 18 and i'm 15 now so the clock is TICKING

it would help me a lot with my anxiety issues and make me feel so much happier.

my dogs can easily adjust to new animals in the house as they have before

me and my sister will be the primary caretakers and she will also be paying the adoption fee and all other care expenses. I will be taking care of the cat while she is at work and whenever else it's needed. 

the cat will be a strictly indoor pet and will be kept away from doors. also for the first few weeks of having it, it will be kept primarily in my sister and i's rooms until it is used to the rest of the house and the dogs.

all of our pets except the dogs and the geckos live outside so they will not be bothered by a cat and i can buy a lid for my aquarium

my dad has expressed that he is fine with, if not neutral on, the matter of adopting a cat.

let ash get a cat 2022


This petition made change with 42 supporters!

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