Let All the Temporary Residents Of Australia Stuck Overseas Travel Back To Australia

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Please Let Us Travel Back To Australia

Since Australia imposed overseas travel ban on 20th of March 2020, many of us(Temporary Residents of Australia on various visa sub classes) have been living with uncertainty. We have been waiting for Australian government to address  Temporary Residents stuck overseas. We waited days, weeks and months. Three months passed but Australian Government failed to address us. We want the Australian Government to address our problem. We cannot live in the uncertainty forever. How long are we gonna keep paying the rents and bills in Australia while we are stranded offshore without job to support those financial responsibilities? Additional to the rents and bills, we have credit cards, REGOs, insurance premiums and many other financial commitments to fulfill. The longer we are left stranded overseas the more financial burden will be over us. Moreover, some of us have been forced to leave away from our loved ones. Similarly, International Students of Australia stuck overseas are forced to take the online classes. If we preferred distance education, we could find thousands of other education provider in a lot cheaper fees and providers like edX for free. We chose Australia because we want to get the Australian experience along with the Australian education.

We tried applying for Travel Exemptions on valid grounds but we are being rejected. At first the Australian government mentioned that non-residents won't be allowed back until the travel ban is lifted. As per the law, even though temporary we are residents of Australia. We have contribution on Australian Economy. But when it came to the critical time like this, we are being totally ignored. Australian government has been turning the back on us and our problems.

We completely comprehend the idea that allowing the temporary residents back and putting them on quarantine on the expense of Australian Government could be a big financial burden. If that's the case, we are ready to support ourselves in regards to quarantine expense. It's better deal for us than stuck overseas and pay our bills for indefinite time until the Travel Ban is lifted.

Please let us travel back or grant the exemptions and prove that the Australia is really a Land of Tremendous Opportunities.

We would like to request The Honorable Prime Minister Scott Morrison, The Honorable Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and  the Honorable Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton to grant the travel exemptions to all the temporary residents. Or at least give us a clear date when we would be allowed back.

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