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Less than half is not enough – It’s time to close the funding gap in West Africa


Right now, 4.6 million people in Mali don’t have access to the food they need.

In northern Mali, ongoing violence and insecurity has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee from their homes. Those families urgently need food, water and shelter. Across West Africa 18 million people are working to survive the food crisis and to rebuild their lives, but people don't have enough seeds, fertilizer, tools and food to work in their fields. More than $1.6 billion is needed to meet the humanitarian needs across West Africa but only 45% of that has been met. Less than half is not enough.

Without immediate assistance, people will not be able to grow enough for the next harvest to stop this food crisis—leaving even more families at risk of going hungry in 2013.

The United States needs to do more to help close the overall $848 million funding gap to assist not only displaced families but also farmers and herders across West Africa.

Speak up today! Ask Secretary of State Clinton to close the funding gap in West Africa.

Letter to
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
In Mali, 4.6 million people do not have enough to eat. 1.7 million of those people live in the north, where ongoing violence has forced 400,000 civilians to flee their homes. Escalation in the country's instability is affecting the already serious food insecurity across West Africa.

As an Oxfam America supporter, I am writing to ask that you work to provide urgent assistance to close the $848 million funding gap to provide assistance for people across West Africa, including those displaced due to the fighting in Mali, as well as to support early recovery so people can stand on their own two feet.

We need a rapid increase in assistance to the region, and we need it now. Without immediate assistance, this food crisis could continue into 2013, leaving more and more families struggling to find enough food to eat. People are working to survive this crisis, rebuild their lives and livelihoods, build up resilience and prevent future crises -- and they need our support today.

Please do everything in your power to close the funding gap in Mali and throughout West Africa -- millions of lives depend on it.

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