Less single use plastics in Dutch Supermarkets

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We've all seen the footage of plastic on beaches and in the oceans and seas, we've all filled our bin bags with unrecyclable single use plastics and we've all seen plastic rubbish on our streets.

It's time to tell the supermarkets we no longer want them to pack everything in single use plastic and we want them to use only recyclable plastic for anything that simply has to use it.

I see plastic bags being used for fruit, veg and bread, I see individual vegetables wrapped in plastic. None of these things need to be in plastic, we can use paper bags or simply no wrapping!

The Netherlands is thought of throughout the world as a forward thinking, environmentally conscious place however the reality is it has a long way to go.  Let's start here!

Vomar, Jumbo, Albert Hein, Dirk Van den Broek please rethink your plastic policy.