Support a 5 cent fee on plastic bags in Howard County

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Roxana Segovia-Beltran
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Less Plastic Please is working to reduce single-use plastic in Howard County.

Why? A garbage truck full of plastic enters our waterways every minute of every day. If we do not change our ways, it will be two garbage trucks every minute of every day by 2030 and four garbage trucks every minute of every day by 2050. This is not sustainable.

What works? Studies show a fee is effective method to change behavior. In cognitive psychology it is called "loss aversion." It's a nudge to remember to use your reusable bag.

What is the benefits? We would be reducing the amount of plastic that we are literally eating, drinking and breathing everyday. We would be saving some of the 100,000 marine life that suffocate every year from plastic. We would be reducing our carbon footprint due to the petroleum byproducts that is used to make plastic. We would have less plastic in our trees and storm drains by creating less litter. We would be creating a sustainable world for generations to come.

We are asking for Less Plastic Please.