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Moafrika FM must be brought to order. Control it or Basotho will shut it down

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All radio stations are regulated by the Lesotho Communications Authority. There are clear principles and guidelines that each radio station must follow in order to ensure that it operates within the confinement of the law.

Where a radio station that does not abide by the set principles, LCA must take action to bring such radio station to order.

With Moafrika FM, it has been evident that it has vowed never to follow the broadcasting guidelines.  It has become more of a political playground than being a radio station it is supposed to be. To this end, this radio station  is sowing a lot of confusion and discontent amongst the Basotho nation.

Vulgar language, false accusations of senior government officials and government instituions, not taking two sides of the story have become the game of the day for this radio station. It is totally violating the broadcasting regulations and guidelines.  

In it's agenda of garnering to topple the government of the day, the radio station  is sowing divisions amongst the nation, law enforcement units. The same radio station is advocating for lawlessness in the country by preaching that people should not go to the police stations if demanded to as per the constitution.  This is totally unacceptable.

The same radio station  is sowing rebellion within the Lesotho Defence Force. It is not surprising that some senior army officials have recently ambushed the commander of the army. It has always been certain as per the preaching of rebellion preached on this radio station. 

The owner of the said radio station who is also a prominent opposition politician, has on several occasions misled the nation with false and stationed allegations painting a wrong picture about the government. 

MISA has been silent.

LCA has been silent

Ministry of Communications has also been silent.

As the nation, we note that the stability of this country is at stake as long as this radio can be allowed to run this way.

Freedom of speech is highly supported but it must be in a responsible way.

We cannot sit and watch when a single man is trying by all means to destroy the hard-earned democracy.

The Authority is silent. As the nation let us break the silence. We have endured. It is enough. Stand up and be counted.

We have heard enough.

Regulate this radio station or shut it down.


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