Lesley University, Fulfill Lesley Students' Basic Human Needs

Lesley University, Fulfill Lesley Students' Basic Human Needs

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Lesley Students started this petition to President, Lesley University Janet Steinmayer and

Lesley University students are strong, heartful, and bold individuals who are passionate about engaging with the communities around them and who strive to do great things in a wide breadth of disciplines. This institution claims to be a place of inclusive excellence, where social justice is centered in all things yet students’ basic needs consistently fail to be met. Due to the neglect of residential conditions and general instability of resources, all Lesley community members face a state of crisis. With that said, the student body presents the following demands to the administration:

Our Demands:

By Friday, December 3rd

  • During times when Washburn dining hall is not staffed, nutritious and unexpired grab and go meals should be available to students 
    • Public Safety should be notified that students will be entering the building and should leave dining hall doors unlocked accordingly
    • Meals should be monitored regularly and restocked as needed
    • There should be gluten-free, vegan, and other allergen friendly meals included in the selection 

By Monday, December 6th

  • Access to clean water on all campuses – students must be able to safely drink, wash dishes (in their designated common rooms), and bathe in this water
    • Students must have access to hot water and satisfactory water pressure in all facilities
  • Access to functioning, clean, and openly available laundry machines. Until card readers are fixed, laundry should be made free.

By Student Move-In of Spring 2022 Semester

  • A university-wide email (including all faculty and staff whose daily tasks/schedules are being affected) that outlines timelines and details of action on the previous and remaining demands
  • 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) served each day (7 days a week) available in both Washburn and White dining halls on both residential campuses
    • Meals must all be edible (ie. fully cooked, at appropriate temperature, free of mold, and within date of expiration)
    • Food items must be labeled at least with allergy markers, ideally with all ingredients.
    • There must be a dining hall staff member present during all meals in the event that students have questions about the food that they are consuming
  • Revision and reassessment of Commuter Student Food Pantry structure
    • Organize a communal space for commuter students to provide feedback to inform times of operation
  • A simplified, publicized statement regarding the work order process, including how the work order is shared amongst Residential Staff and/or how students can access SchoolDude to submit work orders independently
    • Students must be notified when work orders have been entered into the appropriate systems
  • Shuttles that run to each campus on the weekends with a schedule that is posted and adhered to 
    • All members of Public Safety (including, but not limited to, shuttle drivers) should be made aware of any schedule additions/edits, and should be expected to follow through on driving routes at the designated times  
  • A defined and publicized team of individuals placed in charge of monitoring COVID-19 rates on Lesley University’s campus
    • An organized place where this information can be accessed by Lesley community members at any time, perhaps on the website.
  • Accountability measures put into place to ensure that all residential students are completing their required COVID-19 tests, with outlined consequences for failure to comply with the testing policy 
  • A thorough breakdown of the Lesley University budget so that students and those paying tuition are aware of where their funds are going 
  • A clear, publicized organizational chart of Lesley University Administration, Faculty, and Staff to ensure that the community knows who to contact for various concerns moving forward 

While we acknowledge that the challenges of supply chain issues and hiring have been furthered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lesley University is a powerful institution that should be allotting whatever resources necessary to fulfill the needs of students. Food, water, heat, laundry, and transportation are non-negotiable basic human needs. While we understand that pervasive issues can only be sustainably changed by the implementation of equitable, long-term structures, we again emphasize the urgency of our concerns. Action must be taken now for the mental and physical well-being of our student-body and the Lesley community at large. The world is watching and as students continue to lack these basic needs, student morale and Lesley’s reputation will inevitably decline.

The above list of demands was unanimously approved by Undergraduate Student Government on 11/19/21. Click here to view the proposal.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!