Complete ban on the sale of kittens and cats by pet shops/unregistered breeders in Wales

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I have recently rescued a little kitten from a pet shop, and yes, I use the word rescued as this little one must have suffered days of distress in a small dog cage desperately clawing at the bars and crying to get out. My autistic nephew contacted me upset after discovering the little one in the back of the shop.

I am extremely concerned about the source of these kittens. The owner could not give me a birth date and went on weight of the kitten for age. I was informed that a licence was held for the premises, but given a vague answer as to what happens to these kittens if they are not sold. It pains my heart to think of how many days my little one spent, after being separated from his siblings scrabbling to get out. How many weeks - or months -  are they kept in cramped conditions with dirty litter boxes right next to their food and water supply before someone comes along and actually has the money and inclination to buy one? How many kittens in a litter are put into this one small cage? How many are left scared and alone after seeing their last companion sold? Trying, trying, trying to be free and find some kindness and love. I do not understand how anyone thinks it is acceptable to put these tiny little kittens through this horrific experience. 

There are so many cats and kittens in need of homes and so much that needs to be done to stop unnecessary and irresponsible breeding. Owners of cats should be held responsible for ensuring their cats are spayed or neutered and this should be made law if they are not registered breeders. I was told kittens were sometimes found in the bins in the area, and I was informed another litter of kittens would shortly be occupying that cramped little cage - so someone - somewhere is making money out of these little lives - despicable!

It is about time this stopped! It is about time we show that we care. The welfare of cats and kittens should have the same profile as that of dogs. They are sentient beings. They are our responsibility. They are family!

I cannot go to bed at night with a clear conscience knowing that these beautiful creatures' lives and welfare are at the whim of those who would profit from them - whose only goal is to make money out of them. Breed - cage- selI. I cannot sleep at night thinking of them going through this awful experience. Can you?