Keep the Saskatoon Farmers' Market in the Core

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The Saskatoon Farmers' Market has been at its present location in the core Riversdale neighbourhood for 12 years. The building is easily accessible by car, by transit, and for cyclists and walkers, and it also greatly animates the neighbourhood with access to food, local wares and culture.

The City of Saskatoon claims that the building needs to have programming six days a week; the Farmers Market is only open three days per week. There is so much potential for there to be evening and weekend programming that focuses on community building, food events, cooking classes, art exhibitions, workshops, and so on. If the Saskatoon Farmers' Market currently leaves the downtown core, not only will this contribute to the food desert that already plagues Riversdale, King George and downtown, but it will force people who don't have access to a car to find other ways to buy high quality food.

The City of Saskatoon needs to cooperate with the Saskatoon Farmers' Market Cooperative and think outside the box; let's turn this space into a city programming hub that will bolster the farmers market and keep this in the core! Make your voice heard at Saskatoon City Hall.