Please release my 15yr old son Darian Baker & drop the charges against him.

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My son Darian Baker is in the 10th grade & he was FALSELY ACCUSED of sending text messages threatening to KILL students at his school (Brazoswood High School - Clute, TX). He is a "real" Christian & one of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet, he is also very popular & well liked by the teachers & students at his school & I know he would NEVER do such a thing. I believe this is a political move? I'm running for City Judge of Clute & there's a conflict of interest regarding this matter. His accuser is in the 9th grade & her & her mother are related to the Judge I'm running against & the mother is the SUPERVISOR for the warrant/civil division at the Brazoria County Sheriff's office! Thursday-February 13, 2014 around 6:45pm Clute police officers were dispatched to their residence (not the school) to take SWORN statements from the young girl & her mom alleging that around 5:00pm my son Darian Baker began sending threatening text messages which said that he was going to KILL 4 students at the school including the young girl making the statement but NONE of the other students filed a complaint nor were the other students parents notified of this "TERRORISTIC THREAT" (like I said, he would NEVER do such a thing, his cell phone was broken anyway & he was sick that day). He is a minor & this was being reported after school hours so as his parent I should have been contacted too, but I wasn't & they ALL know me well. The next morning (Friday-February 14, 2014) unaware of the charges filed against him I dropped Darian off at school & there were NO police officers prohibiting him from entering the school campus even though I found out the young girl's statement said she believed he may try the KILLINGS AT SCHOOL!!! He went all day with no problems & it was nearing the end of the school day when right in the middle of a Chemistry test (a little after 2:00pm) he was rudely interrupted by a Clute police officer who said he was there with a warrant for his arrest & embarrassed him by taking him out of school in HANDCUFFS!!! The "on campus" police officer even said, "you must have the wrong guy, this is one of our good students" & the Clute officer said, "I'm just doing my job". Darian is only 15yrs old but he was taken off campus & hauled straight to the Brazoria County Juvenile Detention Center without the school or the Clute police dept. ever notifying me of any of this! Also another reason why I felt so strongly about starting this petition is: THEY HAVE NO "REAL" EVIDENCE!!! & my son spent 5 days!!! in jail the 1st time but they arrested him at school AGAIN without my knowledge (Wednesday-March 26, 2014) because they said he violated the "order of release" which prohibits him from going anywhere near the young girl & her mom (not the other students & their parents, just her & her mom) even though they attend the same school & have to share the same hallways at times!!! & the order doesn't state that she is to stay away from him too, it just states that HE is to stay away from HER & her mom. So at the time I'm starting this petition (Tuesday-April 8, 2014) my son has been sitting in the Brazoria County Juvenile Detention Center in Angleton, TX for 13 days!!! & it's ALL based on a little of NOTHING!!! This is an injustice to an innocent, law abiding young boy who has spent nearly 3 weeks in jail!!! so he needs to be released & the charges dropped. Thank you for your prayers & support, Edmond a.k.a. "Uptown Saxman"

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