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Patriot Oaks Academy Rezoning Proposal

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Some residents of Durbin Crossing are facing the possibility of being rezoned to a school outside of our neighborhood school, Patriot Oaks Academy. We feel that the school board should look at other solutions to keep our neighborhood zoned together at our community school. The proposal has the following disadvantages:

1) Requiring over 300 students who walk or bike to school now to be bussed to the new Aberdeen K-8 school, resulting in significant increased operating costs to the district when those funds should go to paying teachers, buying textbooks, etc.

2) Rezoning children who have already been rezoned multiple times all while living at the same address. Those in the Durbin South portion of the rezoning could possibly be rezoned a fourth time since moving into our neighborhood (DCE to HCE to POA to new K-8). This is extremely stressful to the student and their families.

3) Disruption to our "village" to all of Durbin Crossing's residents in that these families support each other and often share other responsibilities such as carpooling to sports and extracurricular activities, etc.

4) Possible impact to home values or making it difficult to sell a house for those in the rezoned areas in a neighborhood marketed as having its own community school. It might be harder to sell a house in walking distance to the neighborhood school, but zoned to be bussed to a school farther away. Most everyone in the areas being rezoned purchased their house because their kids could walk/bike to both POA and CHS.

5) This rezoning will split up households between two K-8 schools if the household has a rising 8th grader and younger siblings. Approved waivers to allow younger siblings to stay at POA wouldn't relieve the overcrowding.

6) Most residents are concerned overcrowding of the new K-8 will occur in just a few short years as Aberdeen and Julington Lakes are developed and we'll be faced with yet another rezoning.

We would like the St Johns County School Board to consider other possible solutions for our overcrowding such as expansion of the school, converting POA to an elementary school and the new school to a middle school, cracking down on residency verification to only allow Durbin Crossing residents, or enduring the overcrowding until the school enrollment levels out as our neighborhood is almost built out.


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