Dolphins are still being brutally slaughtered despite 'The Cove'. We need more awareness and worldwide attention. Please answer this call for action. Dolphins are depending on us to be their voice and stop the slaughter.

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Dear Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, As a super famous actor and someone who cares about our environment, we are calling on you to respectfully request your help regarding the atrocious activities that take place at The Cove in Taiji, Japan. We ask this of you, as you are well known for your contributions to animal and environmental campaigns and efforts, your work with world leading experts, your time, dedication and own foundation to improve the world we live in. We believe you posses the power and fame to bring much more media attention and awareness to the plight of dolphins being driven in to the infamous cove where they are either slaughtered, sold to live a cruel life in captivity or in rare instances thrown back in the ocean without most of their pod members. We hope you will respond and reach out to your many fans for the sake of these animals. We would greatly appreciate anything you could do to help stop the slaughter; such as reaching out and raising awareness via any platform (social media, mini t.v. series, a PSA, a petition, working with other celebrities, or whatever you think could help bring an end to the slaughter). The slaughter continues despite the documentary 'The Cove'. Things have changed, however we have not put an end to it. Dolphins are still being brutally killed. We need something new and huge to try to stop the slaughter. We really need help and we would like your support, so we are asking you. Will you please speak out against the slaughter?