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End property taxes on BOATS in South Carolina

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South Carolina has one of the largest boating communities in the country. Yet it's citizens are robbed year in and year out by the state for taxes on their boats. We pay taxes when we buy the boat. We pay taxes when we register the boat and then we get hit more taxes yearly for the property taxes on the boat. We get hit each time we fill the boat up. Even paying that road tax for fuel put into boats that never see a road. We know.....the fuel has to get to the marina by a truck so thats why we pay the road taxes. We pay more in taxes on a $100,000 boat than we do a $400,000 home. 

Those who are South Carolina residents must pay personal property taxes on their vessels no matter how long the boat has a physical presence in the state. Tax Valuation: Boats are taxed on 10.5% of their assessed value – No, the tax is not 10.5% of the boat's value – only 10.5% of the boat's value is taxed.

We want some changes made to the boating tax laws in this state. Our goal is to see them reduced or done away with altogether. If you feel it is time for a change in the taxation of boat owners in South Carolina. Then please sign this petition to let our elected leaders know we want to see some change. 

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