A Call for Leo Wilson to Resign from Uptown Planners

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A Call for Leo Wilson to Resign from Uptown Planners

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Bike San Diego started this petition to Chair, Uptown Planners Leo Wilson

Dear Mr. Wilson,

We write to ask that you step down as chair of Uptown Planners and perhaps look into being of service to the Uptown community through groups that don't determine, advise or set policies on planning, traffic or mobility needs.

As the chair of the city recognized planning group, you set the tone for your community and your planning group's members and we are now convinced that you are incapable of effectively taking into consideration the needs of your own community as the city moves forward.

Your email to the city planner, Marlon Pangilinan reflects the most recent example of your complete inability to respectfully disagree with your own allies and supporters, not to mention Uptown's residents, businesses and visitors.

Your leadership at Uptown Planners reveals a fundamental inability to address the concerns of anyone except automobile drivers and their near constant demand for more public space to store their private vehicles. The sixty one BikeSD dues paying members (in Uptown) aren't being heard and they are suffering the consequence of your poor leadership.

Here is what one BikeSD member, who resides in Hillcrest, says about her own neighborhood and why she wants dedicated and protected bike infrastructure,

"Parking is ridiculous. Residents would be more apt to bike it was safer and this reduces parking competition. I'm tired of the influx of cars on Friday and Saturday nights who pass me while driving too close and too fast. A physical barrier between bikes and cars is imperative because 'sharing the road' means that I can take the lane but car drivers misunderstand and push cyclists into the 'door zone'" where they can get hurt or killed, like Justin Newman was in 2011 on University Avenue.

Below are just three of the numerous examples demonstrating your inability to comprehend the needs of your own community:

1. Rejecting the city's plans to install bike lanes (stripes of paint) on India Street and Kettner Boulevard in 2011 because you simply stated (with zero evidence to back up your claims) that "the plan’s impact is extreme to small businesses,”. We have yet to find evidence anywhere in the country that dedicated bike infrastructure negatively impacts businesses. Today, we have sharrows on India street where someone on a bicycle is expected to "share" road space with a multi-ton vehicle that could kill them in an instant.


2. Regarding the closure of Cabrillo Bridge, you again made unsubstantiated claims about how the closure would turn Bankers Hill into a "parking lot". As you well know, that didn't come to pass.


3. Support for Jacobs Plan and opposition to the closing of Cabrillo Bridge. Building additional infrastructure for automobiles doesn't alleviate automobile congestion a truism well known as "induced traffic". Thankfully our judicial system was able to swat down this foolish proposal that was supported by you and your cohorts.

BikeSD advocates for dedicated, protected and safe bike infrastructure, especially on our main street corridors. We are members/supporters of BikeSD who live, work and patronize businesses in Uptown. With you at the helm of Uptown Planners, we fear that our voices, your own community members, aren't being heard cause of your incredible bias and distaste for bicycle riders or their safety. Lives are at stake and for this reason and for the reasons stated above, We ask that you step down from Uptown Planners as chair.

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This petition had 238 supporters

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