School is not the place for Vaccinations.

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Dear Mr Varadkar

As Taoiseach, and a qualified Doctor, you no doubt have the best interests of  the citizens this country in mind. Obviously you also are aware that vaccinations have risks as well as benefits. I would therefore ask that you ban the questionable practice of offering vaccinations in our schools.

I ask this for a number of reasons. First of all schools are Centres of Education and are not appropriate venues for medical interventions of any sort. 

Secondly, the fact that vaccinations are offered in schools may give some people the impression that vaccinations are safe because it is in our culture to trust what is offered in schools. 

Many people in this country do not have a functional level of literacy and will sign a form which comes from school not adequately understanding the consequences. 

Every parent has the right to be fully informed before consenting to the vaccination of their child. Fully informed means being aware of the risks and benefits of any procedure. At present schools and the HSE are handing out a leaflet to parents which does not provide them with the facts concerning the risks of the HPV vaccine, never mind the fact that some parents are not able to read and comprehend it.

A doctor's office is the place for vaccinations, where a doctor takes responsibility to explain the risks and benefits to each patient.

As a responsible leader of society, I have no doubt you will agree.

Yours etc.

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